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Project Management: Video Content Creation

The format

After speaking to my project supervisor Jess about my marketing strategy idea of in-house content creation she advised me that it would be a good idea if I were to mock-up an example of a video that could be used in that context. I have already had some previous experience creating shot videos for previous modules so I thought it would not be as challenging to me if I were to create one, so I decided to do so.

During my last term, we were asked to create an animated pitch-deck video for our Business & Entrepreneurship module using Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe video editing programs. Although I found that it was quite difficult to navigate the system at first, I was really pleased with the end result of my video. I was able to incorporate industry standard editing techniques such as animated text and icons, which was something I had never attempt doing before. I came to the realisation the skills I developed on that project would be easily transferable to the context of this assignment, the reason being is that it is a very economically viable method to create content for a brand with limited budget. By using PowerPoint and Adobe Premiere Rush I am able to fully execute the product without having to need a filming crew, set design , models or sounds engineers since the format is meant to be an animated video.

The content

After having decided on the format the video, had to establish what would be the content of the work. I decided to look on social media to see what kind of “shareable” content is most popular within the skincare community and whether I could appropriate from any relevant ideas.

I looked into YouTube at first for inspiration but quickly realised that the content there was all very homogenous, the majority of the trending skincare related content were either routines or influencers reviewing other people’s routines. Because I specifically wanted the videos to be easily replicable and economically feasible I had already discarded the idea of featuring an “opinion leader” to narrate the videos. Furthermore, I did not want the content to have a strong brand figure association but rather have a subtle hint of the brand behind, I took this decision because I did not wanted the audience to feel discouraged to share the content because they felt that they were giving away free promotion for a brand they might not know or feel strongly about.

YouTube "skincare" Explore Page


Therefore, I moved into Instagram and Facebook to observe what kind of posts were being shared in those platforms when it comes to skincare. For my surprise, I noticed that in those two channels the content going viral is usually has a more informative tone of voice, often referred to as “hacks” or “quick tips”. Therefore, I collated some the best examples I could find of brands who are successfully delivering this type of content and drafted a story board for a possible YouTube series called “Busting Skincare Myths”.

Industry examples

@TheInkeyList Instagram Feed


@PaulasChoice Instagram Feed


@KraveBeauty Instagram Feed


The series

The idea behind the “Busting Skincare Myths” series was to create content that was easily digestible to the viewer and that evoked their curiosity by provoking “clickbait”. The format of the videos would be very short and to the point, between one minute to two minutes, allowing for it be scaled into other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where this type of content is already popular but in the form of static posts instead. The story board illustrates how the digitalization of the shots would look like and what storyline the video would follow. This format works well because it can be repurposed for future series talking about topics beyond skincare such as sustainability, ethical consumption and even debates about inclusivity in the cosmetics industry.

The process

1st Step: Story Board (InDesign)

The first to creating my video series was establishing a topic, I decided to do it about hyperpigmentation since that this is one of the skin concerns that one of the serums that the brand’s range is targeting. After deciding on that, I went to InDesign where I designer a frame-by-frame story board of what I envisioned my video be like. This software is a good tool for when I need to layer text and image together, also it works with grids which enabled me to split my canvas into symmetrical portions.


2nd Step: Presentation Recording (PowerPoint)

After designing a rough draft of my video I had to use PowerPoint to actually create the frame-by-frame animation. This program is very intuitive and simple to use, so it did not take me long at all to create the template. The fact that I was able to create the sequence on shots with ease is a strong selling point about choosing to use this strategy because it is not time consumer or expensive to produce. After finishing my slides and adding the appropriate transitions and animated effects, I pressed record presentation to make it into a video.


3rd Step: Adding Soundtrack and editing speed (Adobe Premiere Rush)

Lastly, I used yet another software, this time it was Adobe Premiere Rush, the only actual video editing program. This software is considered a beginners tool which is perfect for my brand because anyone could easily be trained into using it. I used Rush to add a soundtrack and edit the timing of the recording, making sure all the information was legible.


Final Outcome:

The end result of the video surpasses my expectations. It took me less than a day to create this from concept to product and it would take me even less time now that I a usable template. This strategy is extremely time convenient and inexpensive, ideal for any young entrepreneur or marketers with a limited budget like myself. The graphic quality of the video is comparable with the Industry examples mentioned above and it does not look like it was virtually free to produce. Lastly, this video format is also optimised to work great on any social media platform, ensuring maximum shareability opportunities.

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