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Project Management: Week Two

Change of plans

After my first entry, I took upon myself to organise my tasks into a cohesive timeline for each individual day of the week. Also, I had my second tutorial session with my project supervisor Jessica. We had a very productive talk where I expressed to her that I had a change in vision regarding the marketing strategies for my brand. Initially, I had thought about doing something quite innovative and tech heavy - which is neither my strength of is it of my interest – but after reflecting about the direction I wish my future career to take, I have decided that I wanted to go on a route directed to social media and influencer marketing. This is of my interest as I am currently working on building my own following on Instagram for business related purposes and this project. Additionally, this direction allows for my marketing plan to be more realistic and applicable to a start-up company, which is something I intend on building further in the future. Therefore, I find it was the right decision for me to choose to pursue something that is more aligned with my individual interest and represents my strengths to the best of my abilities. So, moving forwards I will direct primary and secondary research linked to social media marketing and how to measure ROI and decide on appropriate KPI's.

Tutorial feedback

After my tutorial my supervisor provided me very promptly with a helpful list containing the topics we discussed and some guidance for future work and development. I decided to focus first on the visual identity aspects of our discussion because those are usually the ones that can take the longest for me to define. So I positioned them with urgent priority.

Secondly, I will focus on researching my target demographic, retail strategies and marketing touchpoints that are most appropriate for my business proposition. Although, as I am able to collate and evaluate research with ease, I have chosen to wait until the week after the next to start looking at those tasks.

GANT chart:

For time management purposes I developed a check list of my project obligations and what days I should complete them by. I took this decision because it allows me to feel less overwhelmed by the heavy body of work that is required of to produce and is also ensures that I don’t forget to include anything important. Although, this is not a final or completed list of tasks, these will probably change and evolve as the project develops and I will make sure to document this is future where needed.

Monday 4th Friday 7th

✓ Finish Logo

✓ Finish Design Guidelines for products

✓ Contact Industrial Designer

Monday 10th

✓ Positioning Map’s

✓ Pestel

✓ Swot Analyses

Tuesday 11th

✓ Customer Profile

✓ The product

✓ About us

✓ Marketing mix

Thursday 13th

◦ Tactics & Metrics

◦ Brand Identity Onion

✓ Brand USP’s

Friday 14th

◦ Case studies (Glossier, Summer Friday’s & Drunk Elephant)

◦ Social Media Plan

⁃ Micro Influencers

⁃ Try me, Review me

⁃ In house content

◦ KPI’s

◦ Strategy Statement

Saturday 15th

◦ Press release

◦ Mailing list

Monday 16th

◦ Lookbook

◦ Pitch deck

◦ Instagram Feed

Tuesday 17th

◦ Website

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