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Project Management: Finalising Packaging Design

The First Design

After sending the design guidelines to my industrial designer, Ali, he got back to within three days with the first draft for my product packaging. Unfortunately, it needed a lot of adjustments, though I was already expecting it to be case. Firstly, the finishing of the bottle had been done in translucent glass instead of opaque matte, which was specifically requested on my brief. Secondly, he had forgotten about including the label surrounding the text and lastly, the lid had been done in metallic rather than in the brand colour like I wanted it be. Therefore, I messaged him back telling him about these details and asked for their correction. Luckily, he reacted well and said he would do the changes promptly.

#1 Outcome


The Second Design

A couple of days later, I received the second version of my designs. Sadly, once again it was not up to par with my vision. The colour of the bottle and the ombre effect was unlike what I had asked for and the metallic lid still had not been changed. Additionally, the outside packaging had been done too narrow which was disproportional to the size of the product. Therefore, I decided to send Ali another design guidelines document with all the required changes so that there would be no chance for mistake on the next time.

#2 Outcome

Design Guidelines Adjustment

The Final Design

Another three days went by and I finally received my third and last version of the product designs. Finally we had achieved my desired outcome for what the products should look like and I could not be more pleased. It took time and a lot of back and forth but in the end result payed of, the bottle looks premium yet minimalist and it stands from anything else in the market. I learned that when working in partnership with another creative I have to be patient and sometimes explain the same thing time over time, good communication skills is vital when doing for doing collaborative work. I will use this experience to inform future job opportunities and at the workplace. Moreover, I know that having worked well with this designer I can always come back to him for any other projects and he will have a good understand of my ideas and aesthetic preferences.

Final Outcome

Moving forward

Now that I have finalised my product design I can go back at focusing on my marketing strategy document and creating any branded content using the designs such as an Instagram page. Next up will be finishing up my strategy timeline and enhancing my research by conducting some primary research on the brand’s perception and audience appeal. Additionally, I will also start working on collating ideas ito inform the promotional video I am creating for one of the phases of the marketing strategy.

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